Completion of ATPL training that started in the LH group


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the LH Group announced in September 2020 that training operations in the Group’s own flight school would be discontinued. A termination agreement is to be offered to the students. If the termination agreement is accepted by the student, the student will receive a confirmation of the training already completed, which can be presented to an external training organization. A possible repayment obligation to LH does not apply.


If the training is close to being completed, it makes sense from our point of view to accept the termination agreement. The training can be completed at an external flight school, for example at FCH Flight Training in Hanover (EDDV), at a low cost, taking into account the training that has already been carried out.

If the training is not at an advanced stage, it may be advisable to insist on fulfilling the contract. LH then places the student with an external ATO, which completes the training on behalf of LH. However, after 5 years, , the student receives an invoice for the agreed upon self funded contribution, which can sometimes amount to 80,000 euros.

Our offer

For a few weeks now, our company has been in contact with the management of the Lufthansa Aviation Training Pilot Academy GmbH, the Federal Aviation Office and AustroControl in order to support the affected students We are very experienced in the field of ATPL training and have all the necessary permits. Our location in Hanover is centrally located. 2D and 3D approaches can be flown directly at the field, the airport is open 24 hours and we train on modern aircraft, which are among the safest in the world (including Cirrus SR20 and SR22).

We would be happy to make you an individual offer for completing the LH pilot training that you have already started.

The next step

Since demand is high and spaces are limited, we ask you to contact us by email. Please inform us in as much detail as possible about the current level of training and the training periods to be taken into account.

Any questions?
The training options are diverse and our website is no substitute for a personal consultation. We would be happy to advise you personally, taking your individual situation into account.

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