MEP – class rating for multi engine piston aircraft land

Scope of authorisation

With the Class Rating MEP you are authorized to fly twin-engine piston-powered aircraft as the pilot in command.

Requirements for training

  • 70 Flight hours as PIC
  • PPL (A) / CPL (A) / ATPL (A)
  • Medical Class 2

Sequence of training

Theoretical training

The theoretical training is composed of two evenings of theory and includes instruction in the operation of multi-engine aircraft as well as familiarization with the aircraft used in the practical training.

Practical training

The practical training includes 6 flight hours (block time):

  • 2.5 h of flight familiarization
  • 3.5 hours of flight time with a focus on training engine failures and asymmetrical flight conditions


The training ends with a practical exam by our in-house examiners.

Revalidation of the rating

Class ratings are valid for 12 months and must then be either extended or renewed. The extension is accomplished with a proficiency check.

Training costs

The training costs amount to approx. €3,350.00 for the complete training. Here you will find a sample offer in connection with our current price list.

Legal bases

The legality is based on FCL.720.A of EU VO 1178/2011 and the associated accepted verification procedures (AMCs). We recommend the EASA Easy Access Document for further information.

Any questions?
The training options are diverse and our website is no substitute for a personal consultation. We would be happy to advise you personally, taking your individual situation into account.

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