NVFR – night rating

The night flight authorization is an extension of the private pilot’s license. Without the night flight authorization, your PPL is valid from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset. With the night flight authorization this restriction does not apply and you can use your license 24 hours a day. Flying at night is a fantastic experience. And you do not need the complex instrument flight license, but can fly according to visual flight rules. The night flight authorization is mandatory for CPL or ATPL holders.

Requirements for training

Valid PPL
No minimum flying experience required

Course of training

The training includes 5 flying hours at night. Of this, at least 3 hours must be carried out with an instructor with at least one hour of cross country flying. In addition, the student must have made 5 full stop landings during solo flying before the authorization is entered into the license. There is no need to take an exam.

The winter months are particularly suitable for this type of flying.

Revalidation of the rating

The entitlement is valid for life and does not need to be renewed.

Training costs

In addition to the normal costs for aircraft and flight instructors, there are often slightly higher fees for runway lighting and the flight controller. The costs (with minimal training) including aircraft, flight instructor, landing fees and night handling in Hanover amount to approx. EUR 1,200. You can find more information in our price list.


The legallity is based upon FCL 810 of EU VO 1178/2011 and the associated accepted verification procedures (AMCs). We recommend the EASA Easy Access Document for further information.

Any questions?
The training options are diverse and our website is no substitute for a personal consultation. We would be happy to advise you personally, taking your individual situation into account.

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