Flying at the highest level: Cessna TR182 ready for takeoff again!

Dear Flight Enthusiasts,

we are pleased to announce that our Cessna TR182, D-ESKD is back in full glory after a major overhaul!

As one of our most reliable training pilots, the KD has already accompanied many student pilots on their way to their (professional) pilot’s license. But as with any aircraft that is used intensively, regular maintenance is essential. Therefore, a complete major overhaul was performed to ensure the safety and reliability of our Cessna at the highest level.

The major overhaul performed included a thorough inspection and repair of the entire airframe and all aircraft systems. Worn or damaged components were professionally replaced and necessary repairs carried out. The result is an aircraft that is not only safer, but also visually appealing again.

We are particularly proud of the modernization of the cockpit. With investments in modern avionics and navigation systems, we have made flight training even more efficient for our students and instructors. These advanced technologies greatly facilitate communication, navigation and flight planning, and our student pilots can be even better prepared for their future challenges as pilots.

This will allow us to continue to provide top-notch flight training for aspiring pilots and share our passion for aviation with you.

For us, the safety of our student pilots and flight instructors always comes first. The major overhaul was performed with the utmost care and professionalism, in compliance with all relevant aviation standards and regulations.

Your Team

Schaut vorbei und erlebt unsere frisch grundüberholte Cessna TR182
veröffentlicht am 08.18.2023